The Margaret Thatcher Centre of Georgia

The Margaret Thatcher Centre of Georgia is a non-profit, non-partisan think-tank, that is dedicated to increasing and enhancing the understanding of classical liberalism and its impact on the prosperity of Georgia's citizens.

The Centre will formulate and promote public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government and individual freedom.

By successfully addressing some of the most complex economic challenges, Centre aims to design comprehensive & effective formulas and recommendations for robust economic growth in the country.

The Margaret Thatcher Centre of Georgia does not undertake lobbying efforts, back political candidates, or engage in direct political activities.

The Margaret Thatcher Centre of Georgia is not associated with any political organization or party.

Mission Founders Staff Advisory Board
Our vision is to promote economic freedom in Georgia for continues progress and prosperity.


The Centre seeks to flourish a cutting-edge economic thinking by promoting free-market solutions based on sound policy analysis and research in highly turbulent socio-economic environment of Georgia.

Policy Priorities & Key Directions:
  • Active support to deregulation and removal of barriers for enhancing free enterprise;

  • Promote the importance of the Freedom of trade with the world;

  • Promote the principle of limited government;

  • Low, simple, flat taxes that encourage investment and innovation, and hence contributes to the lasting economic growth;

  • Promotion of information freedom and fight against propaganda that affects the democratic development of Georgia;


All-inclusive Research and Analysis

Comprehensive coverage of economy-related topics, in-depth analysis of case sensitive matters, designing country-tailored approach for economic progress in support of libertarian principles and development of the vibrant civil society sector.

Strategic Communications

Reaching out to focus groups with policy recommendations on economic freedom through targeted measures and information campaigns. Raising awareness of target audiences with proper messaging on the issues that are vital for the economic prosperity and democratic development of Georgia.

Impact for Change

Bringing positive momentum through the exchange of innovative ideas, sharing the best practices and shaping the internal environment of Georgia in a way where big ideas develop the free citizens. Maintaining media engagement and effective communication with relevant stakeholders who aspire for common change.


Mariam Khokhobaia

Regulatory Affairs and Communications Professional with expertise of policy advice to decision-makers. An extensive experience in advocacy, communications and project management with state actors, international organizations and multinational teams.After graduating from Oxford (LLM-International Trade & Commercial), Mariam was appointed as Deputy Secretary General at the ICC Georgia, the largest business organization in Georgia and worldwide.Mariam is Academy Fellow at Heritage Foundation, as well as SIDA's Fellow, Private Sector Development Programme (Sweden).

Marie Eliadze

Marie Eliadze has an extensive experience of work in public and private sectors, with a focus on peacebuilding, policy analysis, strategic communications and area studies. In 2012 she has earned Master of Science from Christ Church, University of Oxford in Russian & East European Studies and since then has been involved into area based research. Her research interests include the democracy & human rights, international relations, conflict and security. Marie Eliadze is the author of the two books (fiction and nonfiction).